Blow the rest away

Blow the rest away

Witnessing the Rise Festival was magical for many different reasons, too many to list. Writing my wishes, goodbyes, prayers and thank you on a lantern and setting it up…

Looking for myself

Looking for myself

The desert has called again, and I answered! I am heading to another road trip, this time to gather with loved ones for the Rise Festival….

In betweens

I like airplanes. Like I really really like them. Not only because it will get me somewhere and that in itself is quite exciting….

I am you and we are everywhere

Over the years I heard many controversies about Burning Man and even my gypsy/ hippie/ artist self resisted to go. But the perception of beauty is quite subjective…

Where to next?

The gypsy in me was craving a vacay, so I surrendered to her. Nothing fancy, in fact not at all! I am not the…

Dancing soul

When was the last time you felt your soul dancing? Next week I am waking up at 2 am to join my kundalini yoga teacher…