For the rest of us


I went to Koh Tao to spend a full day practicing my apnea skills. Going up and down 20 meters around Koh Nang Yuan was great but it was even better to walk by the beach and watch the most beautiful sunset of my entire life. And in that moment I realized I had no set plans, so why rush leaving paradise? As an excuse to stay longer I registered for open water Scuba diving classes.

Three full days diving with an amazing instructor and diving buddies that tempted me to register for the Advanced course. Diving a night? Going to 30 meters? 30°C? How could I say no… And just like that, I spent an unforgettable entire week in this tiny island, staying in a diver’s dorm, completely disconnected from the world, with no computer, diving all day long. This was the first week since I arrived in Asia that actually felt like a vacation.

For the rich there is therapy. For the rest of us there is SCUBA DIVING. — Chris Darke

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