Laughing Yoga

laughingyoga There are many gifts that come with traveling, like little treasures that you discover along the way that expand you in ways you never thought possible. Sometimes is a little kid that you meet on the street that is proudly practicing his English and holds you by the hand and starting lecturing you about a near by temple. I thought about taking a photo or video with the kid but I didn’t want to break the magic of those few minutes we shared together. And then there was that Step class I decided to take on the gym, not realizing it would be entirely in Vietnamese. It would have been a hilarious video, but it was too precious (and challenging!) for me to snapchat it.

It is amazing to try to find common grounds in foreign countries, I by no means blend in, and the language barrier is there, but when we are all working out and sweating together it is as if there was this magical 1 hour when there was no separation. Spinning classes and yoga became part of our routines, but Laura and I learned the hard way that classes here are taught differently.

Buy Generic Valium Online For instance there is a break in the middle of the class – and no it is not savasana! It is for the workaholics to get on the phones and such (Vietnamese people work really hard). And turns out they hire Indian yoga teachers with broken English, almost indecipherable. Laura and I would cry of laughing during the classes, because whenever the teacher would start a count you would just have to guess what number slightly ressembles this sound he just pronounced. Not to mention, the teacher would come to adjust our pose with zero technique, I mean literally almost making us fall. All of that just made us laugh hysterically, so we tenderly started calling laughing yoga. And for that 1 hour it was better than therapy: we got our stretches in check, our core work out from so much laughter and a lift from our daily lives. “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.” – Mark Twain

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