Digital nomading


Working remote is interesting because you set yourself on a journey to travel but you have to create time, a routine and/ or a space for your working hours. It is finding that sweet spot with balance between freedom and structure. I rented an apartment with a desk and wifi but I realized I was craving a workspace with more life, more people. I finally got the value of co-working spaces and after visiting a few options I decided on Toong. The place is beautifully decorated, with AC, the bathrooms are clean and they offer daily rates. And even better, it is walk distance to my favorite vegan in town: Jalus.

I am learning what works as a digital nomad in terms of productivity and inspiration. On the book “Vagabonding”, author Rolf Potts describes “is about taking time off from your normal life — from six weeks, to four months, to two years — to discover and experience the world on your own terms.” Most of us are so trapped in a routine and a pile of bills that we never get to realize what we really enjoy doing, and how much we actually love working.

Long term travel is not an act of rebellion against society; it’s an act of common sense within society – Rolf Potts

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