Para ouvir Iemanjá

The beautiful African American culture is so ingrained in my country that you learn certain traditions out of osmosis. One of them is to pay tribute to Iemanjá on New Years Eve. You throw flowers on the ocean, make offerings to her divinity, say your prayers and you jump 7 waves. A tradition I neglected for 11 years spending the last day of the year in the States. This time all I craved was to go back to my roots and to have one on one time with Her. And so I did.


Na grandeza dos belos mares, busco sua proteção, a ti peço que me guardares, me acolhendo em seu coração.


ps: If ever in Brazil, do not wander around Copacabana at night. Due to the amount of tourists the city was actually full of cops, so I felt safe enough and took my sweet time.

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