Mineral Broth Recipe

Doing a 2 weeks detox has changed me in more ways I anticipated. New habits but most importantly, a new found awareness of my cravings, stamina and my body in general. I started to drink Mineral Broth and I am amazed by its benefits so here is the recipe! It is a great source of electrolyte minerals and with the addition of the miso, you also add probiotics to the equation – and it tastes amazing!


Vegetarian Mineral Broth Recipe
. 3 unpeeled large potatoes cut in cubes
. 3 unpeeled carrots cut in cubes
. 3 stalks of cut celery
. a bunch of kale
. half-bunch of parsley
. 3 strips of kombu
. 12 cups of filtered water (must be filtered!)
. 1 tablespoon of brown rice miso paste

3 easy steps:

1. Combine potatoes, carrots, celery, kale, parsley, kombu and water on a large stainless steel pot. Bring it to a light boil with the lid on. Stir occasionally and bring to a low simmer for 15 minutes.

2. Remove from the heat and run it through a strainer. Throw out the chunks and keep only the broth.

3. Add the miso paste to each serving by using a small mesh strainer.


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