On the seventh day you shall rest

Moving is so much work… All of my free time has been devoted on unpacking and putting the apartment together, installing closet system and decorating… but this weekend I finally got to relax, read by the pool and started to write again. It is quite interesting to watch François adapting to the high rise lifestyle… I might put a patch of grass on the balcony!


You have to get used to the newness of it. You learn what sounds normal at night. In cities it’s sirens. In other places it’s traffic: the rush of cars going by or the crackle of tires on loose gravel. Out in the country, it’s the chirp of crickets and frogs. In some places, it’s just silence: the soft buzz of the night. The smell of new paint and carpet glue fades. The shadows that come through the blinds eventually become familiar, as does your new ceiling, as do your new walls. You get used to the change in the rhythm of your environment as you settle in. – K.S. Anthony


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