The spirit of a fairy

Last night my lovely coach Jessica Colp sent me the quote below. It is so amazing to have her in my life, someone that fully gets me… the good, the weird eccentric and the bad working-in-progress bits! Who else would read anything fairy-related and think about you?


She had the soul of a gypsy,
the heart of a hippie,
the spirit of a fairy…

I have been known to live in la la land, and I am finally writing about it. My Branding e-course could might as well be described as Design School meets Hogwarts! And I now feel this inner-dictation bubbling from me and I am just registering as I go. My book is about creative sparks, divine inspiration and how to create your own access to that place within of pure creativity. If you interested in finding out more about the book, sign up for the newsletter here.


On another note… I ain’t any fairy… but let me point out that if I were one, it would be quite a challenge to dress up for the part (lol at my own shallow observation)!


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