Magic is everywhere…

Magic is everywhere… Can you feel it? Yesterday I landed in beautiful Hawaii, a day earlier than my friends. I enjoyed a candle lit dinner by myself and I love the fact that I enjoy my own company- in fact, I had a blast! Then I walked by the pool at night, laid down on a recliner and stared up at the stars.

I don’t even remember when was the last time I took the time to observe the sky and contemplate their twinkle. I then talked to God, and I talked to my dad, and I felt the whole sky blessing me. There were tears, there was laughter, and hopefully there were not many people around me (I wouldn’t have cared anyways). There was also a glass of wine – but I wasn’t drunk. There was also a hurricane warning – but I wasn’t afraid.

I was in awe with the stars, and with life, and with all the blessings I can feel so close to me they are almost tangible. I could feel God. And I could feel my dad looking down from heaven. I told heavens they are so lucky to have my dad – which they knew already, obviously.


When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun. – William Shakespeare

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