So.. when can I move in?

The decor of Bettina Prentice’s apartment is beyond inspiring… a rich color palette, velvet, unique touches and so many pieces of art!
 They say that moving house is next to death and divorce on the trauma scale, but Bettina Prentice, founder and owner of Prentice Art Communications, along with her husband, Jamie, handled their very recent relocation with the aplomb that one could only expect from a free-spirited couple. “Jamie and I looked around after our first full day in the new apartment, and not a single box had been unpacked,” Bettina says. “But once we got the stereo hooked up, we got into a really great rhythm and everything found its place organically.”
 Having a generous 1,800 square-foot layout with soaring ceilings and an emerging art collection certainly helps. “I was over the moon that I would not have to display everything in that cramped salon style so common in New York City apartments,” she says. From the art she hangs on her walls, to the projects she takes on at work, she curates her life with a practiced ease and discerning eye.
 Quality is a consistent theme in my life,” she says.
Source: Vogue


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