Wonder Woman: Anna Liesemeyer

I am so honored to announce that today’s Wonder Woman interview features the one and only Anna Liesemeyer from In Honor Of Design. This is a great opportunity to learn more about Anna’s secrets on how to manage to have it all! And you gotta agree with me when I say… You can’t help but fall in love with Anna! IHOD was one of the very first blogs I started to follow and it is about design, fashion, DIY’s, artistry and family. Anna is a proud mom of two, a wife of a loving and supportive husband, an awesome blogger, a talented graphic designer and an art teacher!

1. Hi Anna, tell us super powers (and count your blessings!):
( X ) crafty
( X ) happy marriage
( X ) beautiful kids
( X ) creative
( X ) transforms an idea to a completed project
( X ) source of inspiration for others
( X ) loves to be in communication
( X ) knows all the beautiful things that going on out there

2. What is your secret to get so many lovely things going on in your life? I still pinch myself sometimes because so many of the things I love to do are part of my daily routine now! I would say one thing lead to another for me. I had to get the ball rolling first. I took the initiatives when the opportunity presented itself to try something new, and I started a business and a design blog that went hand in hand. Since then, many more doors have opened through it. It taught me that when you open your heart to receive the good things being presented to you, many good things will come! It doesn’t come without that first step of faith!

3. What are some of your accomplishments that you are most proud of? Hands down, being a mother. I see it as a great honor to become a mother and raise children that God has given me. Each day is an adventure and learning experience, and there is nothing I want more in life.  Starting a business was something I feared, but desired. I am so happy to have had the chance to do work that I love to do. So being able to run a business that was successful was a great accomplishment to me. It really opened the door to many of the new opportunities I am diving into.

4. What do you do on your free time? I RARELY have free time these days, but if I do it is spent watching movies with my hubby, reading my favorite blogs, and reading a good book! Lucky for me, I consider blogging my part-time job so I get to browse design inspiration on the daily 🙂

5. Does your search for beautiful things ever goes to sleep? Now that I think about it, I don’t think it does! ha ha! I am constantly seeing things I want to document, re-create, DIY, etc. etc. I guess an artist never sleeps 😉

6. Love for design is a gift or a sin? Definitely a gift. When you use it for your own inspiration or the inspiration of others it can only have a positive affect! It can be dangerous though when it comes to how you spend your time! I could spend hours looking at design related books or blogs!

7. How did your blog get to be SO cute?
I did on my own. It has been a looong work in progress! I am a graphic designer so I self taught myself how to work html for blogger and would spend many hours looking up how to add the elements I wanted. There are a lot of great resources out there! I also changed my logo many times until I finally reached one that I felt best represented IHOD.

8. My secret to manage my time to do it all is… Sectioning time. Since my children come first, my morning is dedicated to them. If I want to get a good head start I will get up before them. Otherwise, during nap time is when I work on freelance projects, answering emails, preparing posts, etc. I try to keep my evenings with my family, which is healthy for them and for me! It can be tough and sometimes I definately fly by the seat of my pants!

9. I can’t get enough of: Creature Comforts, The Daybook, Design Sponge to name a few!

10. How can you, as a wonder woman, advice others to achieve their life goals? Conquer the small goals first. It builds momentum and makes you realize you can achieve things if you set out to do it. Those smaller goals will give you the strength and motivation to tackle the larger ones!

Thank you for sharing Anna! I am beyond inspired by who you are and what you stand for in life… You are an inspiring wonder woman!
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