Wonder Woman: Ashlina Kaposta

The very first Wonder Woman Interview of 2012 is with the lovely Ashlina Kaposta – a New York City based interior designer, stylist, entreprenueress, writer and creative director of The Decorista blog.

She is not only a talented designer, an inspiring blogger and a skilled writer but she is also a beautiful person – inside and out! And to top it all off she is also a wonderful friend, knows the best vintage shops in NY and I got to start my 2012 in style in her company!

1. Hi Ashlina, tell us some of your super powers (and count your blessings!):
( X ) talented
( X ) loves to write
( X ) great cooker
( X ) amazing network of another wonder women
( X ) successful business woman
( X ) super cute office
( X ) creative
( X ) transforms an idea to a completed project
( X ) source of inspiration for others
( X ) loves to be in communication

2. What is your secret to get so many lovely things going on in your life? I honestly believe in the power of vision and prayer. If you want more of something in your life, see it for yourself and pray about it. I say this because It has worked for me.

3. What are some of your accomplishments that you are most proud of? I started my own business, moved to new york city and did it all on my own. It’s pretty cool to know that you can accomplish anything you dream of.

4. What do you do on your free time? I spend a lot of time shopping and sourcing product, I love reading blogs and magazines, I love too cook. I love working out and doing yoga, and beauty….i love spending time of my beauty treatments.

5. Does your search for beautiful things ever goes to sleep? Oh no. no no no. never. I even see the beautiful things in my dreams.

6. Love for design is a gift or a sin? An absolute gift that I treasure so much. If my love for design wasn’t so strong, I am not sure what I would be doing with my life…

7. How did your blog get to be SO cute?
I did on my own. I spent HOURS and lots of late nights researching and watching videos to teach me how to do things online…it was a lot of hard work. I  also look to my friends and mentors in the blog world for their help, their direction and their advice. For example, my header font was given to me by one of my very best blog friends. She sent me an email and insisted that my header look needed help. I was more than happy to take it. Now my header is my signature, and I LOVE it. It was all thanks to her…

8. My secret to manage my time to do it all is… I use my gmail calendar and write down each thing that I need to accomplish in the day. I also carry 3 journals for all of the tasks that I want to do. Make priorities in life and then take action, all things should follow suit.

9. I can’t get enough of… TUMBLR. I have a tumblr blog and I love following others…especially the fashion ones.

10. How can you, as a wonder women, advise others that feel overwhelmed with their life goals? Know that you are NOT ALONE. I feel overwhelmed almost every single day. Don’t we all wish there was more time in the day. Here are a few of my secrets:
1. Make lists. Like i said, I have 3 journals to keep me sane. It helps.
write down tasks, goals, ideas, etc. There is something about writing things down.
2. Set priorities. are you doing things that are in line with your goals. don’t be randomly reading magazines or blogs that have nothing to do with your goals. Keep yourself in line with your vision.
3. Breathe, exercise, do yoga, get outside and run for a bit, and make sure to get enough sleep. this will help clear your mind and keep you calm and ready.

You gotta check her portfolio, buy her awesome book and visit her blog!
Thank you for sharing Ashlina!
You are an inspiring wonder woman!


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