Off to the tropics

Aside from feeling sick for the past 24 hours and resenting the fact that I have been more in airplanes and airports than home for the past few weeks, I am beyond excited to meet my sister and brother-in-law in Jamaica tomorrow!
Not to mention that it has actually been cold in South Florida, so I can’t wait to feel the hot weather and get a pretty tan!
 I am anxious to see all the colors and the beautiful people, experience their music and lifestyle, nourish myself with their typical foods and fruits and get inspired for a new collection!

All I am taking in my little suitcase are bikinis, sunscreen, sunglasses, maxi dresses and flip flops – yes all of that good stuff! 
Ok, I am off to take my NyQuil and crash in bed and – cross my fingers – wake up feeling 100%. I will be back on Tuesday, have a great weekend!
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