Just Keep Swimming

You know what you gotta do when life gets you down?
Just Keep Swimming
It has been over a month that I neglected this blog and my dear blog friends – but I have a great excuse: not only I moved from Brazil back to the United States, but I also just moved across the country (aka drove by myself from Cali to South Florida!)
Why? How? When? Hmmm let me tell you how all of this happened…
I arrived in LA a month ago and suddenly found myself completely disconnected with everything. I was down because I missed my family so very much. I was down because I deeply want to create a home… and I deeply wanted it to be by the beach. So I “kept swimming”, kept knocking on doors and… I felt something bigger and greater was guiding me. It turns out life was playing its magic and I got a wonderful job and a wonderful apt in south FL!
So now here I am writing with a Sunshine State of mind from the Sunshine State – and I couldn’t be happier! This is it! This is home…
The weather is hot & humid (and yep I do love that!), the beaches are beautiful and have the warmest ocean waters! And even when it rains (and it does a lot) I am happy because I get to wear my fabulous designer rain boots!
So when I am not online, be sure I am at the beach!
Who is joining me?
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