To daddy, with love

So last Sunday it was Father’s day in Brazil. I was so happy because I got to be with my dad on such special occasion after 7 years not being here to celebrate it with him. 
Next week I will move back to US and I am grateful that I got to spend the last few months with my family. Today’s post is for my daddy… my way to show my love and appreciation!
My dad was born in 1932 – so next year he is going to be 80 years old. Meaning: when I was born my dad was over 50! But luck for us regardless of his age he was always in great shape and so much fun to be around!
He used to take my sister, my brother and I everywhere, like to the beach every weekend!
And to Carnaval parties (he would pick our outfits himself!)
And to the swimming pool!
And to the coolest trips!
And to see Rio de Janeiro’s most amazing sightseeing!
And to meet Santa Claus!
And he pretty much convince us all to cheer for Flamengo (his favorite soccer team)!
He was there for every birthday!
And he had the patience and creativity to come up with a fairy tale history every single night! No, he would not read the histories, he would just invent them on the go!
He taught us to love movies (he is a movie collector!) and I pretty much got to watch them all since very early age. So on 2008 my family went to Orlando on vacation and daddy was like a kid in a candy shop when we were at Universal Studios!
He is so much fun that while my brother and I were in a water ride at Sea World he put a bunch of coins to spray water on us!
He also taught us how to ride horses…


and to develop an amazing respect and love for them!
When I was little he would sing me “The girl from Ipanema” song, he would tell me tales of princesses, filling my world with fantasy and magic and pretty much convincing me that I am a princess!
But let me go back in time because today I found precious photos! All these people on the photo below are my family, my background, blood of my blood and I don’t know their histories, I don’t even know their names… and that really touches me! You can see my dad is the youngest boy sitting on his mom’s lap and my grandpa is wearing a tie right behind them.
My dad was the grandson of germans that arrived in Brazil running away from the war. This is the pharmacy that belonged to the family… isn’t super cool?
And here is my dad… as a baby boy – so cute!
And as you may know in Brazil we celebrate Carnaval and kids get to dress up – look at my dad and my 2 aunts! Daddy went as a cowboy – he has always been a huge fan of cowboys movies (his dream was to be John Wayne)!
Here are my aunts and my grandma (unfortunately I never got to meet her…)
So dad joined the army…
… and he grew in his career.
Dad was cool, look at him rocking an Elvis Presley look!
He had the coolest cars…
And he met my beautiful and amazing mom!
This was their first dance (do you get why I am obsessed with bold prints and maxi dresses?)
And they got married…
They got to be the cool couple (gotta love the outfits!)
He was there when she graduated…
… and she was there when he got promoted.
And my brother, sister and I got to watch their love for all these years… and we are just so luck to have them!
Pai eu te amo!


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