I heart NY

5 amazing and busy days on the big city
There was no time for sightseeing, for Broadway, Central park, not even for a tour bus (cheesy, I know but so tempting)! But many magical things happened on these 5 days…
To start off, let me just tell you that Mondrian Soho rocks…
And out of total luck I found the most amazing personal assistant! If you are in NYC and looking for an assistant let me just tell you: Ivonne is the best, check her website here. She helped me to understand the subway system and to set up my booth at PrintSource!
PrintSource was amazing, I met SO many talented people like portuguese designer Ana Romero and the lovely ladies from Treat and Company!
Meeting the lovely Ashlina from The Decorista was so amazing! We used to work a block away from each other in Beverly Hills and never got to meet in person until she moved to NY and we decided to have dinner – isn’t life funny? So when I told her about my textiles she stopped by my room and shared her professional eye and gave input in my textile collection – PRICELESS!
I was so privileged to meet my NY blog friends: Ashlina (had the honor to hang out with her once again!), Maurenice (from Vila Bisono) and Lorena (from Traveler Designery)!
NY was also tough because I had to walk everywhere! Let me just remind you that this is Vanessa, the girl that hasn’t worked out in like 4 years and drives her car around LA everywhere. So my feet was SO tired that at the very last day while I was walking around town visiting the Admissions office of both FIT and Parsons I had to wear my havaianas flip flops. Even so when I saw this spa mani/ pedicure service I just went for it!
This whole trip was on a budget so I only made 2 purchases: comfy flats from Aldo (animal print & gold = love it!) and new lens for my camera!
Then I headed back to Rio de Janeiro for just 2 weeks before I officially move back to L.A.!
Oh have I mentioned I got my bachelor degree? SO exciting!
Next adventure? My online store launches September 1st – stay tuned and wish me luck!


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