Closing an old chapter…

As much as I want to share about my NY trip I had to spend the past 2 days working and studying like crazy. Tomorrow I will finally present my thesis to the board of teachers – hoping (cross your fingers!) to get my Industrial Design bachelor degree.
 You see… I enrolled in college on 2000 and after 4 years of intense study and internships I decided to go to the US on vacation. Guess what? Never returned! I had just 1 class left to get my diploma but I got caught up partying like any 24 years old should, meeting amazing people, getting married in Vegas, getting divorced, then meeting the love of my life, building a life in LA and having a wonderful job and friends.
Well 7 years have passed and although I have a broad design experience and portfolio I still felt that I should close this old chapter in order to start a new one. I needed closure. So last february I returned to Rio de Janeiro to go back to school and since then I have been studying, researching and working on an urban furniture for a local park.
 So after those months of working so hard I really hope it will pay it off tomorrow. I am scared of what the teachers may say and I am really hoping to get a good grade. Either way I put my heart and soul into this project and at the end of the day that is all that matters, right?
Now it is 1am and I need to go to sleep.
But I miss you and I will be back after these crazy few days…
Much love from Rio de Janeiro!
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