The glass is half full!

Oh I haven’t been blogging in so long and I sure miss it! So much has happened, I went to Cali, my boyfriend picked me up at LAX (after almost 4 months without seeing each other) and we drove to Vegas to host a tradeshow, visited Utah and Arizona and while back in L.A. I stayed in Marina del Rey with my friend Barbara, had lots of fun with her (shopping, eating at our fave sushi spot and getting me a coffee cup reading – we did it all!), visit my boyfriend’s parents in Ventura and saying goodbye to them once again! Along those busy 2 weeks I spent as much time as I could with my boyfriend and while he was at work I was running errands and somehow I found time to take a 2 days communication course and encountered some breakdowns but afterall so many breakthroughs! I am happy to see clearly that the glass is indeed half full!
So here I am to count my blessings and to celebrate…

1. A Lovely Feature!
Rachael from Roco Rennie invited me to be part of her lovely ‘It’s all in the details’ series. So today she featured some of my favorite things in life (including the vintage frames I am wearing on the pic below). So click here to check it out and also get to know Rachael – a dear blog friend from Ireland!

2. My Fabric Collection
As I mentioned earlier I exhibited my work at a trade show in Las Vegas last month. It felt great to get out of my comfort zone and put out there my textile and illustration work. The feedback was amazing and I smile everytime I look at my fabrics!

3. The magical Grand Canyon & Bryce Park
My boyfriend and I left Las Vegas and drove our hybrid straight to Utah, we visited Zion National Park (marvelous!), spent the nite at Kanab (Utah’s Little Hollywood), drove to Arizona and visited the Grand Canyon North Rim (exquisite!) and then we went back to spend the nite at Kanab and at the last day we drove to Bryce Canyon (just beyond!). I love all the these magical memories I shared with my boyfriend… I got to meditate and walk barefoot at the Grand Canyon and I could write a whole post just about it (by the way I kept thinking of my friend Sarah from A Lost Feather).

4. Pillows & much more – soon to be launched!
So I recently changed my hair color (once again) and I updated my headshot to promote my soon to launch online store. See the pillows on the shot? Those pillows among many other fun items will be available for purchase here.

5. Book Mentions
So 2 textile publications from Europe recently featured several of my textile patterns – you can view the books here: Texitura 47 and Pattern Design & Beyond – very exciting! Also so happy because some of my logo design was published on 3 LogoLounge books!

6. A Beauty Day for Gia
When my friend Rose Gracie mentioned about Gia – a 6 years old fighting leukemia we knew we needed to do something to help. So we gathered our contacts and through the work I have been doing from Kindle my Heart we were able to provide a beauty day for Gia and her friends at the Bella Academy (as I mentioned earlier here)! Want to help Gia? Click here.

7. The power of a gift
I am so glad there are people like Rayn – the founder of the amazing non-profit called Things of my very own – they are a safe retreat for children that are victims of abuse. Can you help me in this cause? We can uplift those kids by sending gifts to: 1011 Cheyenne Road Glenville, New York 12302


8. The power of communication & a 1 year commitment
So I took another course from Landmark Education – this time the Advanced Communication. To say it was a breakthrough in my life it would be an understatement. It changed how I see communication in general, made me realize how much I avoid certain subjects and certain people and it made me get in touch with all that was behind it. It also made me dig some truths and find out not so pleasant news – but at the end of the day I felt free and learned to have a better listening of others. Overall I noticed how much we all have the power to create miracles in our lives. After this course I signed up for TMPL – a program where I will be 1 year being coached to create something grand with my life! Inspired? Check this out!
9. 24 hours with my man…
It was wonderful to just be with my boyfriend at my very last day in L.A. We woke up together and had brunch by the Marina, went for a wine tasting at Cornell, then back home and enjoyed 30 min of jacuzzi and then we went to watch Midnight in Paris… it was just lovely to spend 24 hours hanging out with my adorable boyfriend and I can’t wait for more!


10. And now… I am back in Rio!
Although it has been pretty cold and rainy I am so happy to be back with my family and my dog Fanny. This is home… and I am back in school to finish my Industrial Design bachelor degree. I have been writing my thesis and working really hard to design a fabulous urban furniture piece for a local park – will share with you once it is done!

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  • Such a lovely post Vanessa – good to have you back, and how I adore your fabric collection, and the cushions -can’t wait to see more.
    have a lovely weekend,
    A x

  • Wow you are so amazing, Vanessa! I have missed you!
    You have soo much to be proud of! It is truly amazing. And I am so happy for you!! It sounds like everything is coming together wonderfully. And you have such a great heart and I can really tell you genuinely care for others so much!
    Sending much love to you!

  • Wow Vanessa!!! Congrats on all your accomplishments, being mentioned in books ahhh!!! That’s amazing :)!!

    Also, I hope you’re super successful with your new online store!!

    Looking forward to its launch!

    Saludos 🙂

  • Girl I am so happy for you! You are making major progress! I can’t believe you were in L.A.! I’m sure you wanted to spend the whole time with the BF but I would have loved to meet up with you! Hopefully we can connect one of these trips 😉 I would love to hear about your Grand Canyon trip sounds great, I’ve been wanting to go there for the longest! And Can’t wait for your new pillows sign me up for two!! Cuidate mucho xo -Taj

  • i’m sooo glad you got to the grand canyon and had an amazing time 🙂 it’s such an incredible place to experience and it really sounds like you did jus that! fully experienced all the beauty it has to offer. the other places you got to visit are also sooo great .. ahh i really hope to get to zion one day 🙂

    goodness.. speaking of magical places.. that photo of rio looks gorgeous.. another place i would loooove to visit! i haven’t been to south america at all cousin, sister, and i have been trying to convince my mom and aunt to take us to colombia.. our family is from there and my mom and aunt each spent over a year living and working there when they were my age. plus we want to meet our family that is still there 🙂

    p.s… wowwww. your shop is looking amazing! i love all of your designs 🙂

  • Welcome back Vanessa.
    So many thing happened, sounds like you had an amazing time, I’m really happy for you.
    Congratulations on the feature, on the exhibition and on the soon to come launch of your pillow case shop and for the book mention.
    You have been a really busy girl!

  • Glad to see you back, darling. A line of pillow cases? Can’t wait to see them. How fun! Love the cool frames. I got new ones lately but they are not as fab as yours! Shoot me an email when you launch your pillow case store, would ya? I’d love to do a special post.

  • Suck a lovely post Vanessa! I was in LA, Grand Canyon & Las Vegas too in June, travelled around with my love. I’m really loving California!

    What exciting news about your new designs, I cannot wait to see more. I’m just starting my own home textile comapny and beyond excited about it! It’s great to be back online for inspiration and chatting with all the lovely friends – I had a break from blogging about 6 months (!!) Anyhow, I’m back and ready for some new challenges!

    Have a lovely day and congrats on the features!!

    xo, tiina

  • Querida! Quanta coisa em pouco tempo, hein? Vai ter loja online também? eeeeeebbbba vou poder comprar umas coisinhas lindas da sua coleção? Que delícia!!

    Mas, quer dizer que você voltou? Está no Rio novamente? ai Deus! e o coração, Vá? aiai
    beijinhos pra ti, amiga

  • So glad to see you back Vanessa! It’s exciting to see all the awesomeness you’ve been up to, the fabric collection looks AMAZING, loving all the color and designs…congrats on everything 🙂

  • oh dear friend! you and i both have been MIA in the blog world! WOW my friend… you have such amazing things going on in your life! I am just so honored to be your friend! thats what i kept thinking reading your post! Lots of love. And now… i will HAVE to come to Rio!!!!

  • Just found your blog and I love it! I particularly love the idea behind “Kindle My Heart”. You now have a new follower. 🙂 Looking forward to reading more from you!

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