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If I were God I would create a law to assure that every single child is happy, joyful and healthy. Unfortunately that is not how things turn out sometimes. So how can we help? 
There is so much going on out there: violence, depression, global warming, wars, cancer, abuse, corruption, poverty, tsunamis… and more than often I find myself talking about somewhat shallow things. Trust me I am still a designer and appreciate the field immensely and feel lucky for having found a career that I love so much. But what else can I do?
All of the sudden the image above seems so disturbing… What is our mission as fashionistas/ bloggers?
I started Kindle my Heart to uplift lit girls that been abused or that are fighting life-threatening diseases. It all started as a project from a class at Landmark Education but when I came to Brazil to deal with my own health issues I kinda left Kindle my Heart on the side. But when my friend told me about lit Gia – a 5 years old fighting leukemia from Pittsburgh – I sent an email to a local Paul Mitchell salon called Bella Capelli (visit their website here) and their director Gina Garone agreed right away to give her a Beauty Day! The salon hosted a Justin Bieber-themed event for Gia and 9 of her friends. They all got manicure, make up, hair dos and Gia got to wear a princess costume and received toys as gifts! 
Who would think that one simple email could give a girl this much fun? And isn’t amazing and inspiring people like Gina Garone that just want to help? If you are in Pittsburgh please visit their salon and give Gina Garone a big hug from me! 
But my point is we can – and should – do those things. Internet is out there not only to see the latest trends or to learn about the latest tragedies! We can help people’s well being, we can make a difference. Yesterday 600 people visited this blog – so what is my voice aside from showing you my work and what new design I like or dislike? Here it is: I ask you all to donate.
I ask you to support this lovely foundation called Things of my very own – a non-profit that provides impoverished children that are victims of abuse, and/or neglect, and those in at-risk situations with basic necessities to ensure a successful retreat to safety. They are in need for summer pajamas – a pajama set at Wallmart is just $7 – I think we can all do that, don’t we?
Here are a few of suggestions to bring a smile to those girls… Pajama Set $7 at Wallmart. Floral Heart Print $12 at Rifle Paper Co. Stuffed Fleece friend $24.99 at Oompa. Owl backpack $12.99 at Oompa.
Send donations to:
1011 Cheyenne Road Glenville, New York 12302
Thank you all my lovelies!


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