A scream on the way in…

Coming through your front door, what is your impression: a big wow or a bit too blah?
The entryway of your home is the very first step into your world and it may reveal a lot about who you are. It really is just a matter of seconds to cause an impression on your guests so you might as well take it up a notch and have fun with this little space! Even your little black dress can get a lot more flavor if you pair it up with red Louboutin heels, the same way a classic decor throughout a house offers the opportunity to play with smaller rooms such as an entryway. 
But more importantly than what your guests will think of your home is the fact that your entryway will welcome and greet you every single day of your life – so it better makes you smile!
You are supposed to open the front door and feel that you’ve arrived somewhere special.
Iyour entryway has nothing to say… that says it all, don’t you think? So here are a few tips on how to add glam to your entryway – and to your life! 
1.Floral wallpaper
For the entryways that do not have windows, a great way to bring the outdoors in is by choosing wall coverings that are nature-inspired.
2.A surprise awaits on the floor…
That is probably the very first thing you look at when you walk inside of a room, so why not put some love on the flooring of your entryway?
3.A surprise awaits on the ceiling…
Unexpected touches are always a plus!4.Dark impressions
You know I am a huge lover of black wallpaper (see it here) and I believe it creates a mysterious and sexy atmosphere!5.Two tone walls
It breaks monotony, don’t you think? Choose 2 colors of paint, or one of them can be a wallpaper, separate them with a white chair rail and voilà! (learn more here)6.Stair Runner
If you have a staircase you should have fun with it!7.Show off your collection
If you own any sculptures or weird objects that you love so much but that don’t have any practical use, this is the place for it!8.For the love of stripes


Just like in fashion, stripes create optical illusion. Horizontal ones make the room look wider and vertical ones make the room look taller – either way it is always fun!9.Embellish your walls


Choose an artwork that speaks to you…
10.Mirror, mirror on the wall…
I really think mirrors look stunning on any room, not to mention of making it look bigger. But to me mirrors are also crucial on the way out of the house, because that is our last chance to check ourselves out… {Throw the first rock who has never walked out of the house with a hanging tag or a facial cream that you forgot you had on – not to mention some more embarrassing things I’ve experienced myself!}
So you tell me, how is your entryway?
Any plans for its decor?


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