10 lit things you might want to know…

Here I am today to do 3 things: thank my fabulous friend Tereza Anton for giving me a Kreativ Blogger award, give the award to 10 of my fabulous friends and write 10 things about me!
1. I miss L.A! I left my entire wardrobe, my car, my books, my friends and my man…
2. I came to Rio de Janeiro for a few months with just enough to fit 3 suitcases… (considering that half of 1 suitcase was my computer!)
3. Thank God I was able to squeeze a lot of prints, as you may have noticed!
4. A few months ago I was told by the doctor to do a cardiac procedure. As I moved to Rio to take a shift in my career I found quite incredible that last week at the spiritual center we go to the speech was around the idea of “Open you heart, if not the doctor will do it for you
5. I guess I started following my heart, since the idea of quitting a fabulous job (right before my bonus) and leaving my life in L.A. on hold was entirely irrational
6. But I am so grateful I am full time with my family…
7. Having extremely creative days…
8. And some lazy ones!
9. I guess I am getting myself ready for a life change, this time possibly in the East Coast!
10. …and planning to kidnap my parent’s dog cause she is the cutest!


Now… I am honored to give the award to my sweet friends…


Jenny from Taking Two
My friend at Poppies and Sunshine
My friend at Loving Fashion
Anabelle from Viva Luxury

Filipa from O Blog da Lipa
Keyla from La Moden Rose
Lorena from Travel Designery
My friend at Chez Mode
Lorena from Travel Designery 
Rosa Maria Bikim from Un Peu Plus Jolie


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