Let’s talk about brazilian swimwear?

It amazes me how much I love brazilian swimwearI mean really, what is not to love? 
Fabulous designs with far greater prints than any other part in the world! Well it can be pricey (be alert: fashion in Brazil is pricey!) but it does worth every penny. 


I just came back from the beach with my sister and I was wearing a really pretty bikini she gave me from a store called SalinasLet me recommend you something: if you ever in Brazil make sure to visit this store! No they did not ask me to write this, they actually don’t even know of my existence!
ps: In fact let me give you a even better tip: go to their outlet store, it is half price! The outlet store in Rio de Janeiro is located in the neighborhood called Barra da Tijuca, inside a shopping mall called ‘Downtown Barra’.
A very common trend here is to wear mixmatching prints: top and bottom with completely different prints. Stores already sell the sets that way but feel free to make your own unique set!
You may think that all Brazilian bikinis are tiny, but let me just emphasize a couple of things:
1. No, we do not wear v string on the beach (even here they are considered tasteless).
2. No, we do go topless on the beach (it is actually illegal).
Since our bikinis became such a success in other countries, the stores now carry bigger cuts to accommodate the international market. Just ask the sales clerk for the “exportation sizes” and you will find options with much more coverage but keeping the same elements and prints from their main collection.
Usually the most creative cuts are the ones that leave the ugliest tan lines. Local people tends to wear the fancy ones for social atmospheres (like a party in a boat) and the traditional cuts for the visits to the beach. Have I mentioned that brazilians love tan lines? I guess it is considered sexy here. Well regardless of that, WEAR SUNSCREEN!
Would wear any of those?
1st photo from here all others from Salinas last SS collection. To visit their website click here.


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