Designing a baby nursery… quite a task!

I’ve been a designer for quite some time and I’ve done smaller projects such as visual identity for friend’s start up companies but also bigger things like the branding for a 5 star hotel. I always enjoyed to think on the impact of a design effectively making a friend grow her client base or a retail environment having more business – all because of a well made project.

And I get that an environmental space can change moods, can impact someone’s decision and can cause comfort or discomfort (do you realize that shopping malls have slippery floors on purpose so you walk slower, look at windows and consequently buy more?). I do enjoy the power of a well made point-of-purchase that can make or break a deal, a successful window display that captures the attention of people passing by and an office that makes employees work more efficiently.
But I have never felt so touched until I started designing for human beings instead of business. As I made the transition from designing commercial environments to homes I found the immense responsibility of affecting someone’s sleep, emotions and quality of life for their next few yearsQuite a task, don’t you agree? And I don’t think you can accomplish a positive result without caring for that person, for how this room will be of a service to them and what are their dreams. I seriously believe that in order to design a home you need to do it with tons of love (I know… this sounds cheesy)!
So here I am today to show my heart and soul to you my friends! This is a project dear to my heart and that I took into consideration things that go beyond what can be learned in design school. It was a very intuitive process and the result came organically – very different from my commercial projects where the focus is on deadlines, charts and market research! This is a baby nursery for someone I love very much and that I felt honored to design for!

This space required a lot of customization, since the room is small and the client’s exquisite taste could not be fulfilled with mass-produced products. Until the baby comes the room will work as an office so the desk was custom designed to convert to a changing table, the bedding was all custom printed (I just can’t help but to love designing textiles!) and the vintage inspired armoire (my favorite part!) was a big and fun project we handled to a very good carpenter!

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did… and I hope and pray that this room will provide the most fun, magical and inspiring time for this baby girl on her first few years! This is by far my favorite project and how I found that you can love what you do and do what you love.
What was the project that you worked on that most touched and inspired you?


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