Styling for Rio de Janeiro’s lifestyle


So as I am getting used with the Rio de Janeiro‘s lifestyle and its 86 degrees climate I wonder… how can I adapt my sense of style to the hot weather? 

It has been quite shocking since 7 days ago I was surrounded by boots, stockings, coats and jackets which I learn to love and I now miss it. Yes, the girl that usually complains about being cold actually loves it – go figure! I do complain how much I freeze at the frozen products section at the grocery shop, I set my car’s seat heat on maximum (and smile of joy everytime!) and I kept a mobile heater station by my feet at work for as long as can remember. But – I said but – I love it, I love the layers, the oversized jackets, oh and the fitted ones too, and leggings, stockings, hats, beanies, scarfs… but my favorite are boots! Is there anything more stylish?

I must say that even on this hot weather I shall never give up on them – not on my beloved cowboy boots. I don’t care if they are in or out, but they are on my feet! Somehow I managed to squeeze 2 of my favorite ones in my suitcase and I will be gladly pairing them with short summer dresses…

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What is your must have piece for all seasons?


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