Reinventing my career


So a few things have changed since last time I posted. I said good bye to some of the most fabulous friends and co-workers, I gave notice at my job, put all my furniture, clothes and car in storage, kissed my man until the very last minute and got a plane back to Brazil.

The reason? To follow my heart and re-discover my sparkle.

I will be in Rio de Janeiro for the next couple of months – so wish me luck! I will be studying while I am here and hopefully finding that lit sparkle that we all need in our daily lives. I want to shift my career path into a new direction and feel connected with something bigger. I want to learn, to grow and to reinvent who I am as a designer. I want to be in love with a project in a way that motivates me to go beyond the normal standards of being just great and actually making it extraordinaryBecause at the end of the day ‘being just great’ will never be enough…


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