My dream house will definitely have…

My dream house will definitely have…
mismatched tiles!
Don’t you think it is a bold statement?
Don’t you love how unique and special those walls look? 
Don’t you feel like the walls are trying to tell you a history? 
Kitchen by Neza Cesar – my favorite designer ever!
It may be challenging to reach an aesthetically pleasant result when you mix different tiles to adorn your kitchen backsplash – but isn’t there where all the fun lies?
Imagine you start collecting tiles from flea markets, trips around the world and even some tiles hand painted by your kids – is there anything more personal?
Pattern designer Hanna Werning created a simple solution: a wallpaper version of the mismatched tiles look! I am assuming here that applying wallpaper is less difficult and messy than applying tiles (truth to be told I have never done none of them) and the cost is probably much lower too. See her wallpaper here.
Would you go for a bold backsplash?


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