What about some more prayers?

So… I am back from vacation, which I’ll tell you about it later once I download the pics. But first I want to talk about something that happened the day before I  travelled to Brazil: I watched the movie Eat, Pray, Love. I went to the theather with a friend at 10,30 am and who would thing – it was packed! I’ve never went to a matinee before and in normal circumstances I wouldn’t spend the day before an international travel watching a movie instead of packing my suitcases and buying last minute things. But I was just too curious…

I did love the movie – I mean how could you not? But I wish it had gone a little deeper into the ‘praying/ meditation’ aspect of her journey. To me it represents something way more meanful than the amount of yummy pizza she ate and the love for my fellow brazilian. What did you think?

I really feel like the movie could have show her found of God in a more poetic way. While reading the book I got very much touched by her sudden pray on the floor of the bathroom and her newly found appreciation for the blessings in her life – I actually cried picturing the scene. But as I was watching the movie I feel nothing. I mean that was the moment she finally surrendered, when she got present to God – is it anything more meanful than that? Maybe Hollywood thinks that spirituality doesn’t sell? Or maybe the ‘praying’ part was so important to me as a reader that I overlook its play on the movie?

By the way have you prayed yet?

One thing I loved about the movie are the visuals: the textures, the locations and the colors. So here is to recap some of it…

ps: the most weird thing about is all the people cashing over this history… there is a travel company in Las Vegas offering an “Eat, Pray and Love” offered by Spirit Quest Tours. You can visit Ketut and Wayan – but wouldn’t that be weird?


  • I haven’t seen the movie, but I was moved so much by the book, I also had a spiritual experience born out of desperation and misery, and it was truly life-changing. I guess it would be hard to portray this in a film. I pray and meditate daily so that I don’t lose that spiritual connection! XX!

  • I can’t wait to see this movie, however it hasn’t been released in Australia. I loved the book and really hope that the movie doesn’t ruin that

  • I haven’t seen the movie yet, but maybe because I heard exactly what you said…it lacks the depth of the book.
    People are CRAVING spirituality and meaning in their lives, and this could have been an awesome opportunity to be a powerful movie.
    Hollywood is to afraid to step on toes I think.
    Will still probably see the movie- by these images, it looks beautiful!

  • I loved the book, and appreciated the beauty of the movie, too! Her most recent book is called Committed and is an exploration about marriage. Might be a subject you’d enjoy reading about, too! 🙂 She does such an amazing job diving deep into the exploration of whatever she’s interested in at the moment. There’s something wonderful in that, I think, and yet, hard to convey in a movie portrayal.

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