A little something something to think about it…

I thought this message was so inspiring and I believe my friend Bumpkin would have like it…
Find your buzz. Remember that life is a continual uncovering. Most of all, discover the things that thrill you and do them. In the end, they are the only reason to get up in the morning.”
Message found at Thinktopia website – a super cool branding agency located in Minneapolis.
Bumpkin will never be forgotten… her inspiring words will be revisit whenever we are in need to bright our days. Bumpkin‘s blog is the best thing about this whole blog world and she will be forever missed!


  • I had no idea I was just thinking of how I hadn’t heard hide nor hare of her sweetness lately and reading your post is surreal, she was a love and made me laugh, I hope her family reads your tribute to her, sure will miss hearing about “The Captain.”

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