What are we meant to do in this planet?

I was very sad to hear about what happened to Marija from Holding Court. I never met her in person but I realize now how much you grow close to people by blogging and what happens when they are not there anymore? A beautiful soul like her for sure is now in a beautiful place – but what about us? Is there a message we can learn from this? I am questioning myself about the meaning behind life. How empty it is to envy the last Valentino purse? So as I was reflecting about all this I received an email from my dad with a very touching message that I would like to share. The fact that my dad now discovered the email world is not as strange as the fact that he sent me this message right when I must needed. So I decided to translate it to english and dedicated this day as a powerful opportunity to transform ourselves.

“I often ask myself “What are we meant to do in this planet?
If life it is just about enjoying the hours and minute that pass by – then this is silly.
There must be a deeper meaning for our lives.
In my opinion, we have 2 missions in this planet: to grown as spiritual beings and to spread love.
All of our belongings are not ours. We are just souls.
We should take advantage of every single opportunity to develop ourselves as individuals.
So remember that failures are your best teachers and that it is on the challenging moments when we find reasons to keep on moving.
Our actions – specially the ones to overcome the challenges – bring the best in ourselves.
There is something very special about resisting the temptation of falling into depression. 
No one comes to this life in order to just make a fortune or to eat like a king.
Make money and eat are part of our lives – but they are not the core of it.
I am certain that people such as Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa de Calcutta and many others that remain unknown that fought for a better world they were not motivated by money.
So what it is that moves those inspiring and giving people? What motivates them to not give up?
The answer is only one: The consciousness of one’s mission in this life.
When you realize that through your work you are making your mission into a reality you start to find a strength that can lead you to the top of the highest mountains.
Unfortunately a lot of beings get lost in the course of their lives and get confused with the meaning of their existence. They fool themselves thinking that material accomplishments are the main goal.
Once they are at the end of their lives they realize the only thing they can take with them is the goodness they caused in others.
If you are feeling bad without an specific reason it is a great warning to stop and meditate about your lifestyle.
Listen to your soul: inside of you lies the best guidance about which path to take.
Everything in life is an invitation to awake your soul, to find harmony and to follow the path to spiritual evolution.
Author is anonymous
image from my all time favorite movie When Dreams May Come


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