not so cold, not so hot

It amazes me that there is always a breeze on summers nights in California. Every year I get so excited to wear all my dresses and sandals but I ended up freezing when I go out at night. The solution? Great stockings, tights or leggings! It is perfect for the ‘not so cold and not so hot’ night outs. Besides fall is just around the corner and the stores will be soon stocking their fall/winter collections. I love stockings for in between seasons because they complement an outfit without really covering too much! They can also pull a whole outfit together without the seriousness of wearing pants.

According to Aleksandra Sekinger: “Patterned stockings are all the rage! Dotted, leopard print or even stockings with words are the newest fashion accessory. Ripped or torn stockings echo more of the rock and roll sentiment. Fashionistas with killer legs should grab a hold on this trend, but don’t forget, with statement pieces, it’s better to go basic for the rest of the ensemble.(view full article here) There are so many cute looks you can pull off if you just choose the right stockings and the right sandals! For a night out, a windy day or at the office (if you work in a freezing a/c environment like I do) there is always a safe choice… or a wild one. I really love the lightweight ones and it is so beautiful how much creativity is now put into those pieces. You can find florals, stripes, gradients, glitter, plaids and lots of embellishments! Which one you prefer? You can be a walking-advertising or you can play it safe…

But things can get spicy with the right shoe!
Isn’t lace such a great choice?
And stars and bows will always have a special place in my heart…
Polka dots too!
Beige is a timeless look but what about some uniqueness?
I would totally wear this for the office!
And a sweet look for a date can also be sexy…
And what about a day look?
Not so casual events call for breath-taking embellishments such as these…
And metallic and sparkling materials always give me the chills!
So do the floral patterns…

Would you wear one of those bold patterned ones?

 Or would you prefer a white-and-black pattern?
But if you really want to keep all black outfit with some added edge, I do not see a better solution than those…

Aleksandra Sekinger added more: “Socks with sandals, although consider the biggest fashion don’t for years, are now what everyone is going to be sporting (…)

Dior Spring/Summer 2010 collection embraced the whole socks+sandals concept!
Seriously, how cute are those?

Wanna know my favorite?

This Zac Posen is just P E R F E C T I O N
But I very much love this Miu Miu piece too…
Have a great weekend, xoxo


  • Tights or leggings really are fun – I love the one’s SJP is wearing in the second from the left image – there is just something very feminine, but not over the top about them. Thanks for the reminder as I put the final tweaks on my fall shopping list. =)

  • These are gorgeous! I love the colorful ones the most, I have to say, I am sooo jealous of you, living in California! It is steamy here in Savannah, I can’t even tell you, there is no way I’ll be able to wear stockings till about November! XO!

  • I will stick w/ the plain black for now… maybe if I were younger I’d be more adventurous… I am really going to age myself now but the little socks under the heels is so 80’s, I used to do that all the time!! xo

  • I LOVE tights… the crazier the better!! 😉 But as for me wearing them? Yeah, I look like a dork for some reason. But you’re right, those miu miu’s are the best! I’d take a pair of those anyday!

  • Darling, this post just rocks! I love the textured leg, just finishes a wonderful outfit.
    But, not the advertisement ones (no no no). It all depends on what one is wearing & how “glam” one wants to be. The evening looks are fabulous & I would wear every single style. xx’s

  • great pictures! i always love stockings, and living in scandinavia i would not go out in a short dress without great pair of leggins / stockings! SJP looks fabulous as always and I agree on those picks for your choice of best stockings… gorgeous!

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