Marchesa is perfect!

Since I am in the ‘wedding mood” I could not help but to talk about gowns… Well I not only have my own wedding in mind but I have 2 of very important people in my life getting married this year and on both I am part of the wedding so I need 2 dresses and go two times to Brazil for their big days (really what a tough life… lol)! My friend referred me to Marchesa wedding dresses but as I was researching on their website the collection of evening gowns is also absolutely stunning! Marchesa‘s dresses beautifully combine romantic details with boldness and a vintage feel – and always – always chic and sexy at the same time.

It is still shocking to me to see people spending thousands of dollars in a dress that you would probably just wear once. Even thou I admire the design and the finishes of a brand such as Marchesa I would never pay that much for a one-night dress. Well I won’t ever have one of those in my closet and on my body it still makes me smile to see such beautiful dresses! 
I will probably draw my own dress and ask a seamstress to make it or I will try to find a good sale for evening gowns (if anyone knows a good sale please let me know!). But I will tell you what: I will never spend a higher price than a round trip to Brazil on a piece of fabric…
ps: Do you know what is my favorite detail besides ruffles? A beautiful bow…


  • Marchesa is my favorite dress designer, and I can pick them out as they sashay down the runway. I knew you would be this type of bride. I expected it, I did, and I am so excited you are delivering already. I will not miss a post!
    The wedding gown with the ruffly rosettes literally took my breath away. I could go on for hours!
    Love you, and enjoy the weekend,beautiful bride to be!

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