The best thing about monday…

Is it too sad that what I am most looking forward for today is to watch The Bachelorette?

I must reinforce that I do not watch TV – aside from design shows here and there and lots of movies. But there is something about Bachelor and Bachelorette… It is non-sense but addictive – I guess you can say I am drawn to the search of love. It is cheesy but so pleasant to watch…

But come on… how can you pick a husband when there is a camera 24 hours witnessing everything? When there is no real life interfering? No routine, no bills to pay, no space to breathe and chat with your girlfriends about your new date? I try not to think about the lack of sense of the show when I am watching, I rather put myself in the dumb mode and just watch it for the sake of watching it! And I laugh, cry and I choose my favorites. Lol is that too silly? I guess it his…

But I love love the house! I am not sure if all seasons have been recorded on the exact same place since I never really watched the show until recently. Do they always record the show at the same mansion? But I recognized the grand entrance that I love so much and also the spanish details and title through out the house. I must say that the choice of furniture and color on the walls would not be my personal choice!

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  • The house is amazing! And that location…wow! I think we all need a few of these kind of shows…it’s nice to have a break from reality (even though it is a reality show. Ironic name for something that does not happen in reality!). Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

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