The best news yet…

So I am back! With 4 tooth less in my mouth and a big smile on my face ^_^
I just literally got back from dentist and got all my stitches removed (yaaai) and I am excited to share the best news from this past crazy and painful week: we have a wedding date! The lady from my dream church kept pushing my mom to make the deposit payment because another bride wanted my date – so my mom called me asking if we really wanted to book the event for that day. It is a very big decision because it involved a lot of people, like all of the family of my man will have to fly to Brazil and it is not cheap. Plus me and my man are not in the best financial situation. All of that made me quite nervous about confirming the date… but we did confirmed it – which that means: we have a wedding date! 

So I am 15 months away from a big day and like any other woman in the world I want to be perfect. Netheless to say that I already have been planning a lot of things even before I had a boyfriend but now it is time to organize all my mental notes and computer-saved files to transform those ideas into a reality.

Just so you now the wedding will be in a lit cute church in Rio de Janeiro and although it has everything to be perfect it has one big bad aspect of it: you can only hire the professional that work with the church. Meaning it is kinda like a mafia: the church has a network of professionals who work for them so it limits your choice for photo, decor and food. I did find a photographer that doesn’t work for them and I made an arrangement so I could still hire her but I will have to give a % to the church as a penalty. 

Isn’t kinda crazy? Well I gotta confess that I am very skeptical about getting married in a church because most of the churches in my home town are all made out of gold – top to bottom. Although I can’t deny how beautiful they look it hurts me to think ho many natives from Brazil died of hungriness while the church was decorating their buildings with gold. It also makes me mad the amount of slaves that were mistreated while constructing those beautiful buildings. 

But there is something about getting married in a church… I guess because I went to catholic school and I created this respect for the amount of faith that a space can confined. I do love churches and temples and any space where a lot of people go pray with nothing but faith. Isn’t it magical? I guess that is why I chose to get married in a church. There is also the stereotype of having my dad walking me down the aisle – my brain automatically pictures the aisle of a church. Well making a long story short… I found a lit church that has a beautiful neo-gothic architecture that does not have a piece of gold. Not even one! Coincidentally it happens to be a church that was named by a saint whose statue my mom gave me right before I founded out about all this. What can I say… it is just perfect (aside from the strictly usage of their professionals!)

So as I am now 15 months away from marrying the love of my life… I start to wonder: how will I decorate? The tought of setting a table hasn’t crossed my mind ever before I started to blog… and I still haven’t set a table since then! And here I am researching color palete, flower arrangements and perfect dinnerware for the big day. How the heck can you plan all that? And specially how will I take the items that I like from US to Brazil? Well… there is one thing that I am not sure if it will be possible to make happen for the wedding but I felt in love with metallic plates! What about that for the big day?

Isn’t beautiful?
Does anyone know where can I find gold plates in a good price?
All those images are from Stockholm based Mateus and they do not have a distributor over here (plus it looks quite expensive!)



  • Congratulations on having a date, Vanessa! It’s a good amount of time to make dreams into possibilities into realities. I’m excited to think of following along on your blog and watching your dream wedding unfold!
    xoxo -Jess

  • Congrats to you! I am happy for you! I’ve been engaged for a year and a half and still no date, so I can understand the excitement on deciding on one. And I love the inspiration you have here. When I think of gold plates, I think of Pier1. I am not sure if they would have any though.

  • I am so excited for you!!!! Marriage is awesome.
    I am Catholic so I got married in a beautiful church. It was incredible experience to be married in front of God , because he is the one that brought us together. You won’t regret it! Even with all the professionals attached;)
    Those table settings are divine!! Wow. Hope all the planning goes well!!!

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