Scandinavian Gypsy

The danish brand DAY developed a fabulous pring/ summer 2010 campaign for their home collection. Photography by Ditte Isager  and set design by Christine Rudolph.

They called it “Scandinavian Gypsy” and the concept is “Traveling from the North to the South like Gypsies, we have collected everything we loved coming our way. We are celebrating the true BOHEMIAN STYLE with its free spirit, embracing countries & continents taking one DAY at a time“.

The collection is made with this in mind. Different scenes, different moods, different origins. Some life assuringly colorful, some soft and gently washed. Some with a teasing contrast and some confidently classic“.

I am usually not a big fan of clean styles and neutral color palette but I really like the direction of this shooting. There is a certain nostalgic about it… and I kinda like that. The styling was so beautifully designed but it is very interesting to me that they developed a whole concept around the word “gypsy” but without colors. What do you think?


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