A quick break from my nap…

I apologize for not replying lovely comments and for not keeping you up to date with what has been going on. I miss blogging but have not been able to find peace of mind to sit down and write since I have been taking pain killers for the past 6 days and my mind is just all over the place…ย 

I got all 4 wisdom teeth removed last friday and it was pretty rough. I am the type of person that gets sleepy with 1 tylenol – so can you imagine how it feels to take a vikedin every 6 hours?

I am hoping to stop taking the medicine tomorrow which will allow me to start cleansing my system… Then I will be able to work, read, write and get back to my normal routine – instead of just sleeping and eating soups!

ps: As I am recovering from my swollen cheeks I wish I look as cute as the lit girl in the pic!

Much love,



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