Mommy & Me

Even thou I am redesigning my career I still try to keep myself centered and I am always always counting my blessings. And here is one of the biggest one of them: my organization Kindle my Heart did one more event last Sunday and it was fabulous! We invited girls from the Starlight Children’s Foundation and they brought along their moms and sisters. The event was called “Mommy & Me” and it was a Beauty Day hosted at the Cao Institute – a Paul Mitchell Salon in Pasadena.

Most of the the participants were amazing girls that happen to be in cancer remission. Those beautiful teenagers are winners and I am so touched for being part of their Mother’s day celebration. The concept of this event was to provide a relaxing salon experience where moms and daughters would get pampered by getting their hair wash including a scalp massage, their hair trimmed and styled and make up. At the end two of the volunteers taught the girls to do the catwalk and the moms watched them showcasing their new look at the runway!

So here are the girls getting pampered:
And their new look:
The happy moms and daughters!

The girls writing a card for their moms!
I gotta tell you… I am very proud to get to know so many amazing people that volunteer their time for the goodness of others, so I wanna thank EVERYBODY that allowed this to happen!The talented hair and make up professionals volunteering their time for this amazing cause:

Kindle my Heart lovely volunteers and friends:

And let me tell you what i got from all that:
. Ideas not only can – but they do become a reality!
. It would be great to have a personal assistant (lol)
. You can’t do a big project on your own but it can be beautifully done if you ask for help
. There is more people out there willing to help you then you could ever imagine
. When confused or sad about your life, go help others – it is a grand experience to get out of your own self
. And there is NOTHING in the whole wide world more rewarding than witnessing this…

This event was part of a program called “Great Scapes” from the Starlight Children’s Foundation. Their goal is to provide a family bonding for those who had struggled with a sick family member. I believe we accomplished the goal and we are already having many new ideas for others events to come! If you wish to help their foundation or if you have an idea for a ‘Great Scapes” let me know so I will give you the coordinator contact info – she is pretty amazing!

Kristina from Starlight & me from Kindle my Heart: 2 months of planning and many smiles!

If you know any girl or group of girls in South California who would be benefit from Kindle my Heart programs please let me know. We are here to empower and inspire young ones that had been through any sort of traumatic experience such as sickness, abuse or the lost of a loved one. All of our programs are free of charge and offered to ages 8-18 years old. We provide 2 hours workshops up to 5 days programs with focus ranging from meditation and breathing techniques, yoga, self-defense and beauty days.


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