Kindle my Heart goes to Hollywood

So last Saturday there was a huge event called ‘Girl Prep Hollywood‘ – an empowerment conference target to disadvantaged teen and tween girls aged 10 to 13 years old. The conference is organized every year by 2 amazing women: Towanna Freeman and her 11 year old daughter Jenesis.

200 inner-city girls from the Los Angeles attended the one-day conference which includes a meet-and-greet with celebrities, live music, lunch, games and gifting to name a few. Workshops will include self-esteem building, team building, leadership, youth engagement and violence prevention.

Kindle my Heart offered a workshop called “Express yourself“. The leaders were my friend Nadine and Aparna – 2 amazing young ladies and busy college students that volunteered their time and shared the knowledge they got from being teachers of The Art of Living foundation. The description of the workshop was: Do you ever feel frustrated that you are unable to express yourself? Do you wish that there were a way to overcome the things that prevent you from expressing your creativity? Join us for a fun, empowering workshop where you will learn valuable tools to live creatively and happily! We will do some artistic interactive processes that will increase your ability to connect with your inner artist and increase the love you have for your self. You will also learn how to utilize your breath to have increased energy, yet a focused and peaceful state of mind. When your mind is relaxed, that is when true creativity flows out.

Our workshop included interactive games, knowledge, breathing techniques, art and meditation! We had 2 groups of girls and 2 teen celebrities that helped us lead the program: Amber Stevens (ABC Family series “GREEK”) and Anna Marie Perez de Tagle (Disney channel).
A huge thanks to Jessica Colp for introducing me to Towanna! Jessica is a life couch (how cool does that sound?!) and we met at a course at Landmark Foudnation. She is an amazing and inspiring woman that I am glad to have in my circle! Apparently all of her friends are equally amazing since they all seems to be doing community work and making this world a better place. To get inspired by Jessica powerful voice, check her blog here!


  • That is so cool! I feel terrible for young girls today, I think it must be so hard for them, they have to be thin, sexy, etc., all at the age of 12! I’m so glad you stopped by Little Blue Deer so I could find you, I’m definitely following!

  • What a wonderful concept and a much needed idea to be introduced into communities everywhere. Bravo to them for taking the first step in helping young girls out. Thanks for sharing.

  • You are amazing! So glad that Girl Prep went well and that you were a part! I heard amazing things about the day from other volunteers. I like how we both know so many fantastic ‘change the world’ people. And, I’m grateful to know you! (btw, Thanks for the links back to my site! I appreciate you!)


  • This sounds like an amazing event!! It really is harder to grow up as a girl these days. One would think that as time goes on it would get easier to be a little girl, and sure in some ways it has gotten easier, but I think overall it is getting harder. Thank goodness there are women like you who take the time to reach out to these young ladies!!

  • It’s so inspiring to see people like you out there speading the word about creating programs for positive thinking for the youth. Keep up the good work!

  • linda!!!!!!!!!!!
    to mt orgulhosa mesmo, vanessa, com os olhos cheios de lagrimas!!!!
    fico mt feliz em ver vc se realizando suas metas!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhhh!!

  • This is amazing! I am inspired by people like yourself who take initiative to do constructive work for society! … Hopefully I would be able to follow 🙂

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