For the love of spring time… and Missoni

So last Saturday Kindle my Heart (an empowerment program for young girls that I started with my friends) hosted its very own first event! It feels so awesome to be involved with such a thing, I gotta tell you volunteer work is one of the most rewarding experiences… I will try to post the pictures of the event later on this week, it was super fun!

As it for now… how about some spring time inspiration?! I absolutely love the fact that I have been waking up with the sounds of birds and that the weather is getting warmer and I see colors everywhere. My boyfriend and I took a nap at the beach on late afternoon last Saturday (with blankets because it was chilly!) and we were so relaxed that we went straight home and slept until Sunday morning! What a delicious weekend, I will tell you that! So because we all love spring, and colors, and bold patterns, and outdoor settings, hammocks, picnic and boat rides… nothing better to represent all that than Missoni Home collection right?
images from stylesight


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