Talking about efficient use of a small space…

I used to live in a super cute studio and it was quite challenge to make that one space to work as a bedroom, an office, a kitchen, a living and dining room. I was lucky enough to have 2 walk in closets which allowed me to convert one of them into my office – otherwise it would just have been an enormous temptation to buy more clothes! So one day I decided to give a try and check if my Ikea desk would fit in the closet. i did measure and it was the exact same width. Netherless to say it was a nightmare to move this oversize table top into a space that had the exact same width. The table got stuck kinda in an angle so I hammered, I damaged the walls and I even almost gave up – but at the end it fit perfectly inside the closet – and that is what I call a ‘it was meant to be’! My boyfriend could not believe how I made that work by myself and when the time came to move out of that apt it was actually tough to remove the table! lol


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