Wonder Woman: Neza Cesar

Today we are interviewing my favorite designer in the world! Some may worship a Hollywood star or a band… but for me the interior designer Neza Cesar is my all times “rock star”! There is no other artist in the world that I want to meet more than her! I dream to one day have a home with her signature and I can’t put on words how honored I felt when she answered the ‘wonder woman’ interview!

One of the main reasons why I love her work so much is because she brings back what Brazil is really all about: colors, curves, history, religion, art, mix of different cultures, elements from the nature and lots of character! And let me tell you something: that is NOT an easy task! Despite what you may envision of a brazilian home looks like the truth is that most of the people that can afford an interior designer usually mirror their decor in the houses of “american movies”. The essence of the brazilian style has been dying because so many are trying to look ‘modern’ and have ‘clean lines’. Literally when I visit my friends house it all looks the same: all neutral colors (maybe with 1 accent wall) and furniture pieces from famous international designers. In my humble personal opinion there has a lack of personality and a lack of connection with the brazilian roots… Until Neza shows up in the picture!

Neza is the face of Brazil and she carries a huge amount of responsibility: to design unique houses for real people! She finds the personality of the home-owner and she translates that into colors, art pieces and cozy rooms! You now see how much the “Wonder Woman’ concept fits her very well: she beautifully find people’s individuality which led her to be a successful interior designer and she is also a mom, a wife, a home-owner of a fabulous house with stunning mountain views in Sao Paulo, the owner of 2 cute dogs, a blogger, an amazing writer and a very spiritual being!


Neza break rules, makes unmatched patterns look like a perfect match, mixes unpredictable colors, breaks all rules and she screams to the world who she is and what her design sensibility is all about! She also has an extremely love for asian elements specially India – where she visits for spiritual journeys and inspiration. Her spiritual connection has kept her centered and humble and she seems to have found the perfect balanced between designing a house for a famous celebrity and having a simple lifestyle that includes sitting outdoors by a fireplace at night, having breakfast watching the views, meditating with nature, walking the dogs or even enjoying a waterfall! Please have fun and get inspired looking at her answers, her work and her lifestyle!
1. Check the super powers that you identified yourself with it from the list below and count your blessings: 
( X )talented
( X ) crafty
( X )loves to write
( X )happy marriage
( X )beautiful kids
( X )amazing network of another wonder women
( X )dress to perfection
( X )has quite a selection of fashion pieces to die for
( X )successful business woman
( X )super cute office
( X )computer pro
( X )impeccable decorated home
( X )creative
( X ) transforms an idea into a completed project
( X )source of inspiration for others
( X )loves to be in communication
( X )successful business woman
( X )knows all the beautiful things that going on out there
( X )other super powers not listed: “I am always in search for self-discovery and I believe that spirituality is the most important thing in my life – without it I wouldn’t have peace neither mental clarity”
2. What is your secret to get so many lovely things going on in your life? I have lots of enthusiasm and I have a great faith in myself and others. I believe that we all have the power to transform the world and ourselves. I have always dealt with challenges (even the big ones!) by finding what there is to be learned and I chose rejoicing over lamentation.


3. What are some of your accomplishments that you are most proud of? I don’t judge people and I quit criticizing . I started to really understand who the other person is and realize that we all search for the same thing: to be happy. Even the most arrogant people suffer. I have great belief that my biggest accomplishment is to control anger and to be patient. Be real, tell the truth with love and not coming from an anger place!
4. What do you do on your free time? To be free and not tied to any commitments. I specially enjoy being close to my husband, my kids and my lovely dogs. I like to do things spontaneously which may be sleep until late, relax, read a good book or watch silly soap operas (lol) or connect with nature, mediate and pray.

5. Does your search for beautiful things ever goes to sleep? I do take breaks but my eyes can’t help to search for beautiful things – and I find them all the time!

6. Love for design is a gift or a sin? A blessing!

7. How did your blog get to be SO cute? I hired help. When I first started my son Antonio helped and after 4 months I was in need of an upgrade so Andre who created my website did an upgrade in my blog. Now I am transferring to uol.com.br and Andre is working on a new look for the brand new blog to be laucnhed soon. (Visit her blog here.)

8. My secret to manage my time to do it all is… I haven’t accomplish that yet but I am trying to find a way.

9. I can’t get enough of: I have so many favorite websites and I always find more.
10. How can you, as a wonder women, advice others that feel overwhelmed with their life goals? Choose to do what really inspires you!


Thank you for sharing Neza!! You are definitely a lovely super woman!


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