I heart craigslist

I love all the talk from yesterday about thrifting and how much we can do for the environment by just recycling furniture instead of buying new! As a side note I gotta tell you that just last week alone I purchased 2 kartell ghost chairs and an oval tulip dining table (probably a replica… and it has lit scratches and dents but who cares you know how hard it is to find a oval shaped dining table?). That just completes our dining room as a 100% craigslist set! But my favorite part is our couch!

Last year as I was hunting for a louis xv couch I came up to this ad that said “selling couch and arm chair for $500” – which was a bargain! I literally went down to the address super scared thinking that it was a trap or some sort of psycho waiting to chop my body and sell my organs… but once I arrived it was a business building which made me more relaxed. This lovely lady asked if I could give her 400 bucks for everything: the couch, armchair, 2 dining tables, 1 bedside table, 1 round side table, a center table and a lamp. She only asked for a deposit of half of the amount and I could go pick them up on the weekend.
I wrote the check and went home thinking to myself “Yeah right… she will cash my check and disappear by the weekend.” Surprisely it was not a scam, it was not an internal organs black traffic and neither someone trying to fraud my check. So here we were with a u-haul picking up the furniture set (meaning my boyfriend picking up and me watching) and the lady left all the pieces impeccable cleaned! She also said she prayed for the furniture to carry positive energy for my life and bring me lots of happiness, joy, love, healthy and success. She was some sort of angel cause I mean who can find that? Antique furniture in impeccable shape (cause they had been most of the time inside of a medical office so not much use), with no dust and with lots of good energy?! She also cried and made me promised that I would keep the set together, which I did! Most of the other potential buyers were planning to sell to auctions and she choose me because she knew I was going to love them as much as she did.So after this very emotional and magic moment it was a nightmare for my boyfriend to carry the couch to our old apartment, but let’s skip that part lol! Now our lovely louis xv couch became our own version of ‘a booth to have dinner’. I hope soon we be posting more pics once I reupholster the furniture with my own textiles (exciting!) and we get the room done and complete (yeah right, like a designer’s house can ever feel feel like done and complete!)…

There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle or you can live as if everything is a miracle. -Albert Einstein
Who would think there is magic in craigslist…


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