For the love of unique hotel experiences… and France

So let’s say there is a perfect and magical house waiting for me to move in… I surely hope it will look like this:

Needless to say that it sounds a lit bit impossible since it is a hotel in France but it does look like something that come out of my dreams! It feels like the designer Stella Cadente read my mind! She created a fairytale like universe with kitschy and stylish elements, bold colors, antique furniture and amazing views to the garden – all of it in a beautiful 19th century french architecture house! That is just too much for me to take in… Oh did I mention the house is located in an ancient medieval village less than 50 mile north of Paris?

The rooms have themes such as…

. Queen of Snow Bedroom (my personal favorite!)
“This spacious bedroom in a luminous decor is entirely adorned with 4000 Swaroski crystals stuck on the ceiling and the walls, thus creating an unique crystal cave. Bedroom of 16 square metres, double size bed, flat screen adapting to the color of the image, wifi and iPod system with a dawn simulator, DVD with Murnau’s first movies and books on poetry. The curtains were designed like true haute-couture pieces. The bed is covered with a silver leather blanket as well as feather-embroidered mohair cushions. The adjacent shower room reminds of the themes of crystal and purity.”

. Dunkeyskin Suite (Are you kidding me? That was my favorite movie as I was growing up!)

“This suite of 64 square metres is made of a living room and two bedrooms, including one with a double bed and one with two beds, flat-screen TV, wifi and iPod system, and a dawn simulator. A stay in this suite is an invitation to a change of scenery and a discovery of nature. The walls are silver. A stuffed peacock, hanged to the fireplace, welcomes the visitors. One of the walls was left white, in order to allow movies to be played on it. In the middle of the mauve, white and gold room, a stuffed roebuck. The four-poster bed faces a wall entirely adorned with mirrors and decoratives frames. The bathroom is covered in a mosaic of bisazza, with a distinguishing feature: it changes colors, like Donkeyskin’s dresses which colour changes with the weather, from colour of the Sun, to colour of the Moon. The hammam, in which it is possible to play music, along with the silver bottom tub, mix technology and classicism. The children’s bedroom is designed in navy blue and purple, with a fluorescent light. Two twin beds mix with contemporary furniture and bronze lamps from the XIXth century.”

. Alice in Wonderland Bedroom and Bathroom
“The Alice bedroom takes you to Wonderland. Room of 32 square meters, double size bed, flat screem TV, wifi and iPod hifi system, and dawn simulator. This luminous room with pale pink walls, black floor and thick eiderdown is the ideal place to leave on a dream journey. The great four-poster black bed is decorated with a lapin blanket and the curtains wrap the room in a sublime way. The rabbit-shaped lamps, the contemporary chair with a heat-shaped bottom, and the bathroom suspensions topped by bowler hats are many details reminding of Lewis Carroll. Reminding of the black and white tones of the bedrooms with the draughtboard design, the bathroom is equipped with two washbasins, a shower closet, and a tub. The black toilet is lit by a red lamp.”

. Moulin Rouge Bedroom and Bathroom

“Immersion in the world of Moulin Rouge, ideal for lovers. Bedroom of about 20 square metres, double bed, flat-screen TV, wifi and iPod system. Red walls, stage costumes, four-poster bed adorned with feathers, red satin curtains and a sensual rose fragrance from the “Tapageuse” perfume. The shower room also uses the red tones from the bedrooms and is made of a tropical shower and a very contemporary sink.”

. Puss in Boots Room

“A bedroom-bathroom, or a bathroom-bedroom? The vintage tub located at the bottom of the bed is the touch of originality in this bedroom. Shades of colours going from green to blueish khaki, blends perfectly with the curtains adorned with feathers. Poetry, sophistication and peaceful ambiance are the key words in defining this space. Bedroom of approximately 20 square metres, double bed, flat-screen TV, wifi and iPod system.”
The Stella Cadente boutique… (see legs coming from the ceiling?  I would personally skip that detail if it was my house but definitely that is what I call out of the box!

A stunning bathroom…
And to top it all of… a stairwell covered in gold leaves!
I want it! 
For reservations visit their website


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