Wonder woman: Jaime Beattie

I had the honor to get to know a lit bit better the designer Jaime Beattie, from Brisbane, Australia. There are too many reasons to fall in love with her as a designer (visit her hand-made fashion accessories collection here) and as a person (check out her blog here).

All the questions I asked her came genuinely from my heart, as I wonder how to have so many wonderful things going on and still do not feel overwhelmed by them. Jaime is the ‘typical Super Woman‘ I was talking about earlier: she is a mommy, a wife, a designer, a blogger and a business owner! It is so great to learn from her as she share her journey and favorite things!

“Image of part of my most recent collection ‘The Way We Were’. All the pieces are made from organic fabrics, Australian timber, leather and hand cast resin inlay. This collection is made by hand (by us) including the wooden panels and resin pebbles. 2010”

I specially LOVE her own saying about when she realized that her mom was always right (see here)! To me it is so remarkable that everytime my mom insisted on something (while I tried not to listen cause supposedly ‘I had all under control’) and then my mom’s words always ended up becoming the proof that indeed ‘she is always right’! What a wise lit woman (Jaime, and my mom!)

Her super cute fashion accessories online store
1. Check the super powers that you identified yourself with it from the list below and count your blessings:
( X ) talented
( X ) crafty
( X ) great cooker (baking – cakes, cookies etc)
( X ) happy marriage
( X ) beautiful kids
( X ) successful businesswoman
( X ) creative
( X ) knows all the beautiful things that going on out there

2. What is your secret to get so many lovely things going on in your life? I have dreams and I guess I just keep focusing on them but I try not to worry too much about things that I can’t control. Plans are important but not everything turns out the way you want or expect. As long as you can deal with challenges and obstacles and not let them get you down you can be happy with what you have.

“Image from my studio”
“Image from my stall at one of the recent designers markets in Brisbane (Australia). 2009”
3. What are some of your accomplishments that you are most proud of? I graduated university with a degree in International Business and a Law degree and practised as a Lawyer for a while. In my fashion accessories business I won an award for one of my collections which was a huge validation to me. Having so many stores and customers loving my designs has been incredibly flattering and I’m glad I took a chance and followed my dream of being a designer.
“Image of accessories from my Summers at the Sunset Hotel Collection on the runway at Fashion Exposed Sydney. Won ‘Debut’ award for this collection. 2008”
“Image of a tote bag from my Recessionista Totes collection on the runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane. 2009”

4. What do you do on your free time? I spend my non-working time being a wife and mother. I don’t really have any free time. I enjoy my work, its like doing your hobby and getting paid for it so I don’t mind that I don’t have any free time.

5. Does your search for beautiful things ever goes to sleep? Sometimes I think the consumerism gets too much. But mostly I like things that people have made (eg. on etsy.com) so its more about appreciating the craftsmanship and design of things than wanting to own everything. That’s mainly why I started my blog – I couldn’t afford to buy everything that I liked but if I shared it on my blog it felt almost as good. Of course, its also a wonderful wish list for my husband to look through when its my birthday or Christmas!
6. Love for design is a gift or a sin? I think it is definitely a gift. Its wonderful to be able to appreciate beautiful things for their design value, not because you’re simply following a trend or obsessed by brands.
7. How did your blog get to be SO cute? 
I did on my own. I consider myself an amateur graphic designer. I have no idea what the rules are or really what I’m doing. I just play around on the computer until its as close to how I’d like it. Its fun.
Visit her blog here
8. My secret to manage my time to do it all is… Prioritise. You can never really do it all – otherwise you never get time to sleep. I write lists and keep a diary of deadlines and tasks but I’m still flexible, if one of the children get sick the list goes out the window for a while.
9. I can’t get enough of (favorite website) I love looking on anthropologie and my favourite blogs are Oh Joy! and Bloesem.

10. How can you, as a wonder women, advice others that feel overwhelmed with their life goals? Baby steps. Break your goals down into smaller parts. The big picture can sometimes be incredibly overwhelming but if you think about the steps to achieving your goal and work your way through, it will come together eventually. And be flexible along the way, sometimes on the way to your goal opportunities present themselves that you never even thought of.

“My favorite place in the whole world – Tokyo. My family is obsessed by it. 2009”


Thank you for sharing Jaime!! You are definitely a lovely super woman!


  • Wow, you two are amazing! Very inspirational reading about you two. Keep up the good work! I’ll be looking forward to reading more from both of you in the near future

  • Love the super-powers check list, Vanessa! And, hearing an incredible and accomplished person sharing in their own voice about their own challenges and their real life is one of the most inspiring things I can think of. It’s easy to find amazing people, it’s even better to find ways to relate to them. Thank you!!

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