Seja bem-vindo a minha casa

I have to say that it is quite intimidating to become a ‘blogger’. It seems that behind all the blogs I follow there are those wonder women with impeccable taste, impeccable homes, happy marriages, beautiful kids and amazing writing, cooking and craft skills. It is almost like those fabulous ladies belong to another race which gifted them with super powers to know everything that there is to know and, on top of it, manage to dress themselves to perfection! 
Wow what is their secret? I mean really, what is your secret? 
Is it there some sort of magical power around bloggers? Do they have their very own fairy godmother who makes their dreams come true? I mean it is quite impressive…one day they write a post with an idea, and then the next thing you know.. it becomes a lovely project, completed with pictures and super helpful step-by-step instructions! Bottom line is: those talented ladies get things done and they do it beautifully! Whatever is the source of their ‘powers’… I want some of that.

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  • Va!
    I loved your ideia to write a Blog, it’s always good to hear from you!

    You have this “super power”, It’s inside you!

    Beijos diretamente da Cidade Maravilhosa, que anteontem fez 455 anos!

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