I am officially a grown up now!

I just turned 29 years old: I am officially a grown up now! Never in a million of years I would have thought that measurements cups and spoons, a pot holder, an apron and a juicer would be a part of my wishlist! My boyfriend also got me a cooking class gift card (oh boy… now I am running out of excuses lol!)
Of course I had convinced myself that “once I had a bigger kitchen, or a cuter one with a window and a viewonly then I would learn how to cook“. Well I realized this is bulls#@t… Yes, it would be lovely to have a super cute, colorful and fun kitchen but there is so little I can do in my rental apartment. The cabinets are awful and everything about it is just not inspiring… I wonder what a “wonder woman” would do… would they talk to their landlord and try to get an agreement? Would they find a solution to transform the kitchen?
I really like this DIY to add wallpaper as black splash for kitchens, it is quite tempting! See: www.hgtv.com/wallpapered-backsplash/video/index.html
Top row: I have no idea where I found these! 
Botton left: kitchen designed by Neza Cesar. 
Botton right: Wallpaper by Hanna Werning

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