For the sake of self-expression

So here I am, blogging again… but with a quite different concept and content from my last blog. I don’t know how but me and my best friend managed to talk months straight about apple martini and nightclubs in L.A! Well that was about 4 or 5 years ago and we were 2 happy and bubbly girls screaming to the world that we were having fun… nothing wrong with that when you are 24 yrs old and having the time of your life!

So much has happen since then… and while I was caught up surviving a drama worthy of a mexican soap opera I completely shut myself down. I was out of communication, waiting for things to get better. So sad that I was not there for you if you needed me. And also so sad that I never asked for help. So here I am screaming my apologies for spending to much time inside of my cave!

I feel inspired now. Writing here is one of my outlets of self-expression. I feel like I am vomiting words – better yet, I am vomiting words from “nothing”. See…I took this amazing 3-months course called Self-Expression and Leadership Program from Landmark Education. Sounds ridiculous now but it took me all those 3 months to realized that I am in communication only when life feels great. The minute things get rough I go back to the cave!

At the very same course I met an amazing lady called Jessica Colp. While I was reading her blog I was inspired by her authenticity and the way she plays with the words… And all I could wonder was ‘why did I ever stopped writing’?! Jessica reminded me how magical the world of language is.

And then while I was communicating with Jaime Beattie about my non-profit I realized how powerful a blog can be. What an amazing task it is to spread beautiful news, share projects, brainstorm ideas, get inspired, leave others inspired, be in communication and also – who would thing! – to even ask for help and support! Please give me some credit… ask for help is my new thing 😉  
Making a long story short: I am out of the cave and back in communication!

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