Aspiring wonder woman

am currently not that crafty, I live in a rental, not married (divorced, actually), no kids (yet), no pets (yet), the only thing I can opera operate in a kitchen is a microwave, my writing skills in english are still in the works and I walk out of the house wearing pajamas more often than it should be permitted by law! So who do I think I am to write a blog? Well I realized all the things I do have in common with those wonder women: we all have a voice, we have something that is worthy to be said and we are the freaking lucky generation that gets to scream anything they want on the web (gosh how did our grandmothers survive without that?).

So I am here to share thoughts, art, inspiration and if I am lucky, get in tune with my deepest dreams in a way that it sets me to action to make them a reality. And who knows… maybe I will learn how to cook, travel more, manage my time better, have an impeccably decorated place I can call home, look polished at all times, improve my english, buy a house, spend summers with my family in Brazil, get married soon and have beautiful, healthy babies!

To do list of an aspiring wonder woman:
1. Frame and hang my illustrations 2. Wear my very own textile designs 3. Organize my office/ atelier 4. Learn how to cook and use an oven for once! 5. Get a headboard for my bed 6. More family time 7. Get married in the cutest church in the world! 8. Followed by a magical honeymoon in some tropical paradise 9. And live happily ever after… 10. Have beautiful kids 11. Purchase a vacation home for summers in Brazil 12. Live in a ranch by a beautiful waterfall


  • you will do all these things an so much more!!!!!! i really admire you for many things! you are a strong amazing women. All your dreams will come true if you keep dreaming!!!

  • Caramba Va. Você só não têm um blog como já escreveu bastante nele. Muito simpático seu mural dos desejos.
    Vou assinar o feed, portanto continue escrevendo e mostrando suas lindas imagens e belas palavras.
    Um beijo no coração

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